7 Things you must secure for the safety of your child

Children will always make the house a playground. Unfortunately, unpredictable movements and their lack of understanding make the house less secure. Have you often heard of cases of children who fell and suffered severe injuries when running around at home? Apart from that, go to https://householdprof.com/best-child-proof-cabinet-locks-buyers-guide/ if you need high-quality child-proof cabinet locks.

Therefore, to reduce this risk, there are several security measures that you can take as a parent. There are at least seven things that you must secure first so that your active child is not hurt.

1. Keep detergent, soap and cleaning chemicals

Keep away from children ‘s reach of all hazardous household cleaning chemicals. This is to avoid the risk of poisoning and not to be swallowed. Don’t also allow cosmetics, toiletries, even medicine bottles, to lie within their reach.

2. Monitor when playing water

Leaving children alone in water, even for a few seconds, can be dangerous because children can drown. Keep an eye on their movements when playing with water and ponds.

3. Leave an empty area on the bed

In order for children to feel comfortable when they sleep, it’s good to leave an empty area on the bed. Don’t stack cloth or toys on it.

4. Keep firearms/sharp items

Children who do not understand the danger of firearms/sharp items will be curious about these objects. Keep out of their reach or completely get rid of the location they are playing.

5. Food

Watch snack foods that like foster children. Foods with a small size can make them choke and have difficulty breathing. Besides that, keep an eye on small items such as coins, nuts, and buttons, toddlers who don’t understand often think of them as delicious sweets.

6. Install the fire alarm detector

Install a detector and alarm to give an early warning if a disaster has occurred. Make sure the children are familiar with the alarm sound so they don’t panic when they hear it.

7. Cleanliness of pets

Pet choices reflect your family’s lifestyle. But make sure also the safety, cleanliness, and factors of proximity to children. Don’t let your child be afraid of them or even be attacked by pets at home.