Know the Facts of Divorce Due to the Work Environment

Everyone certainly does not want to experience a divorce that will destroy their married life. However, divorce can actually happen to anyone who is married. It’s good when you experience problems and will lead to divorce you immediately contact divorce attorney rock hill in order to get the best problem solving for the case you’re facing.

There are many factors that cause divorce that can happen to you. however, it turns out that according to research, the most influential factor for the occurrence of divorce is the work environment. Below are some facts from the work environment that cause divorce to increase.

1. The opposite sex coworkers increase the risk of divorce
It may not be surprising if according to research, that working conditions in which co-workers who are mostly young and low-aged co-workers have many opportunities to socialize with types of things at work can contribute to marital instability.

2. Men more easily cause divorce in their household
Of those reported in Biology Letters, it is stated that men who work almost exclusively with women about 15 percent are more likely to divorce than men who mostly work with other men. Whereas for women who work with other men, the percentage is 10 percent more likely to be divorced.

3. These effects will be very visible in men who have a good education
In addition to the factors mentioned in point 2, highly educated men are also more at risk of doubling divorce than their peers who are less educated in marriage and a comparable work environment.

4. There are about 100,000 couples in Denmark deciding to divorce me
From a study conducted in the Danish country, collecting data for all sex-opposite partners who were married between 1981 and 2002 along with their employment data, about 100,000 of the couples were divorced.