Not Only Faces, These Are Two Parts that Plastic Surgery Often Do

When you choose plastic surgery as a process of improving appearance, you also have to beat the right plastic surgeon. At you can find it and find out a lot of information about plastic surgery there. Apparently, in addition to the face, there are several other parts that are often performed plastic surgery.


If all this time, we only often attacked plastic surgery on the face, it turns out that some of these parts are also often the object of plastic surgery.

1. Stomach
A slender body is one of the characteristics of beauty that radiates from many people, especially from a woman.
It is also encouraged by more and more photos of models, artists and public figures who have slender bodies that amaze many people. This research has also been conducted, as many as 25% of people will choose a stomach aesthetic surgery when asked about plastic surgery.

2. Breasts
A beautiful cleavage can also be obtained and improve breast shape in clients who experience a decrease (ptosis). Therefore many women want to do breast surgery.