Get to Know What are the Main Functions of Web Hosting What You Need to Know

For some internet users, it is no stranger to the term web hosting. Whether they work on blogs or websites, they certainly need web hosting to be able to control their websites and blogs. Web hosting or commonly called host is a place to store data in the form of web pages, PHP scripts, and CSS code. No wonder many people need it, at you can get the right and quality web hosting.

There are many web hosting companies that provide servers with data storage providers so that everyone can store their own data. However, before you use it, you must first know the main function of the web hosting.


1. Keep your website or blog online
The last function of the last web hosting is very important for a website or application, even this function is only on hosting. Where your website will always be online, as long as the website hosting provider is maintained and there are no problems, then your website can be accessed anytime and anywhere without worrying when it dies.

2. Data storage
The main function of a web hosting is as a place to store data or files from an application or website online so that it can be accessed by many people with an internet network. Hosting can be said as a library and website as books, so many people can see or read the book. So website owners can provide information according to user needs.

3. Website link
Hosting also functions as a redirection of a DNS. For example, there is a site, this site has been registered in a DNS. When someone wants to access the site, the server will access the hosting link used in hosting.
So even if your website or site is registered in DNS but is not included in web hosting, the website will not be accessible to others. It can even give an error state when someone wants to access it.