Save by visiting some of these places when in Thailand

Many people think that if they want to take a vacation they will pay a lot of money and are quite expensive. In fact, by being a backpacker, they can only pay cheap fees. One country that is currently a destination for many tourists is Thailand. Even there, when you have trouble getting public transportation, you can use Rent a Car Thailand to make it easier and more efficient.

For those of you who still don’t want to spend a lot of money while on vacation, then some of these places can be your vacation destination while in Thailand.

– Golden Mount or Wat Saket
Wat Saket is on an artificial hill built by Raja Rama III. Then it was completed by Raja Rama IV and perfected by King Rama V until a place of worship stood with Buddhist relics on an artificial hill which had been only a mud puddle and very soft soil.
To go to this place of worship, you are required to dress neatly and politely because this is a place of worship. One more, you have to be friends with 320 ramps that will take you on this hilltop.

– Wat Po
Almost all tour packages offer a visit to this temple. The biggest temple in the world is indeed a priority for tourists. Because there is a giant Buddha statue (15 meters x 46 meters) that appears to be lying or known as The Reclining Buddha. Inside this temple area, you can take pictures of the many carvings on the walls of the temple that are very beautiful, as well as small temples that you cannot miss to take pictures.

– Kanchanaburi
This bridge was built by Japanese troops to supply logistics and war equipment against allies from and to Myanmar-Thailand. It is only with this bridge that Japanese troops can supply the needs of soldiers who are fighting allies. This bridge is now still active, but many tourists take the time to come here just because of the historical value offered.