Take Care of Boats with the Following Ways Before Stored in Self Storage

During the summer, boats are the most enjoyable recreation facilities. Many people spend time on the beach and at sea, even renting a boat to hold a boat party. But after the summer is over, the boats must be stored immediately during the winter and then released again towards the end of spring. Many boat owners use self-storage units to store their boats, including North Phoenix Self Storage. The manager provides various room sizes so that the boat can be stored.


In storing a boat, some maintenance must be carried out so that the boat remains in good condition while stored in winter. You certainly know that winter contains high humidity which triggers the growth of fungi. To keep the boat from being damaged, here is the maintenance that must be done during storing the boat:

– Change oil
Changing oil regularly is not only done on motorbikes or cars, but the boat must also change the oil. If not done regularly, it will cause damage in some parts because the boat is not used at all in winter. Why is changing oil so important? Because there is the possibility of water or acid entering the oil during use in the summer. If it is not replaced immediately, it will damage the boat engine. Change filter, clean oil, then pour new oil.

– Apply Fogging Oil
This additional treatment is carried out to protect the boat engine. How to use it is to spray into the spark plug or carburetor, depending on the boat’s manual. Fogging oil like this will maintain the engine during the winter because there is the possibility of experiencing moisture because it is not used at all.

– Other treatments
The ship’s steering and control systems also need to be protected. Make sure the system is still functioning smoothly and all connections have been lubricated before being put into self-storage. Don’t forget to fill the gas tank because the empty tank can collect condensation and slowly corrode.