What You Need To Know About Osteopenia

Before osteoporosis attacks, usually, someone will first experience early signs of bone fragility. Recognizing how the initial conditions of bone loss and how to prevent it will be very beneficial for your bone health in old age. Have you ever thought that Osteopenia can be a health problem for anyone without knowing the age?

The initial signal of bone loss is called osteopenia. Where your bones become more brittle than normal, but still not too fragile so they break easily. You could say osteopenia is the middle line between healthy bones and osteoporosis.

Bones reach the highest density when we are in their 30s. At the age after 50, we are prone to osteopenia, depending on how strong our bones are when we are young. If when we are young we have strong bones, then it is likely that we will not experience osteopenia. If our bones have not been too strong in the past, osteopenia may come faster.

The good news is that osteopenia is not a condition that cannot be prevented. Through a healthy diet, exercise, and sometimes treatment, the condition of your bones can be helped to stay solid and strong for decades to come.

So, who is most vulnerable to Osteopenia? This condition occurs when your body removes more bone density than creates it. Some people genetically have this tendency and have a family history of osteopenia.

In addition, women are also more prone to bone loss because they usually have lower bone density than men. Also, women often live longer so the bone-aging process is longer. Generally, women also don’t get enough calcium compared to men. As we have seen, calcium is the key to maintaining bone health.

Sometimes osteopenia is triggered by certain medical conditions or medical treatment. For example, if a person has eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, which intentionally make the body starve so that it lacks the nutrients it needs to maintain bone strength. Aside from that, you are prone to bone loss if you have unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and other unhealthy habits.