How to Find Content Topics for Your Blog

There are 2 main reasons that cause someone to “retire” blogging:

Out of topic.
The blog is always quiet.

When we just started blogging, we all diligently publish articles. There is a routine every day, some are several times a week, some are once a week, etc. But after publishing many articles, there are still no visitors. This may not be the wrong content of the article or the way you promote the article. But the error in choosing the topic of the article.

Yes, indeed not all topics are destined to become popular. Even though you have targeted keywords with high search volume and low competition. So, before you retire because of the reason you learned how to get topics that are guaranteed to be popular. You can also use SEO services from new york seo.

As explained earlier, although a topic has a high search volume on Google Keyword Planner, it is not necessarily popular. Instead, looking for topics from GKP is the worst strategy for a new blog. Similarly, search on Google. Why?

First, for high-volume keywords, the competition is heavy. New blogs will be hard to find in the midst of heavy competition.

Second, low volume keywords are likely to not be popular when promoted.

Whereas as explained in the guide to increase visitors to this blog, in order to be strong in SEO, the content must be popular first. So this is our strategy, find topics that are guaranteed to be popular, make content 10 times better than competitors, then promote the right way.

That topic plays an important role. How good is your article, if the topic discussed is basically not interesting then it’s useless. We will search for proven topics that will / have become popular. Before that, I will tell you in advance that the topics that we found might be inspired by other blogs. Although the topic is the same, but the contents may not be the same.

This is a technique that has often been done by bloggers. But it’s usually the wrong way. There were those who immediately followed along to write all the topics from the blogs that they copied, while others chose the wrong topics.