Know the right technique for rope skipping

With the right technique, this skipping exercise can provide the expected results. In addition, skipping performed with the right technique will be able to prevent a person from experiencing interference such as being caught in a rope that is used or injured due to wrong support when landing. Apart from that, don’t forget to check out the high-quality and the best crossfit skipping jump ropes for beginners.

Know the following tips and tricks before trying to play skipping:

At first position, the body upright and parallel to the two hands holding the rope for skipping.

In the initial position place the rope on the back of the body before making the first jump. Next, do a loop that matches the knock of the rope that touches the floor. For beginners, you should not need to jump in large numbers. Start with 30 jumps and then take a moment to rest for 30 seconds before taking the second step.

After resting, do a jump that starts by placing a rope on the front. Make a jump by turning the rope towards the back, as many as 30 jumps. Take a break for 30 seconds after jumping and then jump by starting with a rope placed on the back.

Skipping sports can only provide benefits if done regularly every day. In doing the sport, do as many as 4 rounds so that it can provide optimal results for improving one’s body condition.

Basically, skipping itself is a type of sports activity that can be done by everyone. Plus this sport does not require a large fee if you want to do it. This sport also only requires a rope that is not too long as a tool. For those who don’t want to buy this special skipping rope, don’t worry. Because this rope for skipping can be made from any material. Just an example of a rubber band circuit as many children do when playing rope jumping.

Completed that skipping sport is also flexible and can be done anywhere. The most important thing is that the place to do skipping has a room that is quite relieved, so when turning a skipping rope does not cause obstacles such as grabbing objects around it.