Understanding Carpets: From Materials, Functions to Aesthetics

Overlays (mats) floor coverings made of fleece,¬†professional carpet cleaning solution¬† thick fabric, rugs or mats. This understanding is taken based on the function of the carpet itself, namely as a floor covering. Aside from being a flooring maker, there are actually other functions of the carpet, namely as a sweetener of the floor and the room it occupies. This can be done by carpets because the warm flooring is generally made of special materials or materials, has a variety of color patterns, and various patterns that are so unsightly. Even because of the diversity of materials, patterns, and colors, the carpet can match and reinforce various interior concepts. But because of the things above, the carpet that you will present to decorate the room must be really considered. Make sure the carpet you choose can give a beautiful and harmonious touch. On the other hand, choosing a carpet will be a difficult thing if you don’t have the knowledge at all about the desired carpet. You should not need to worry, because our power as a vacuum carpet washer has been tested with various certificates,

For consideration, the chosen carpet should not only be based on motifs and colors but can also be seen from other aspects. Starting from the thickness, artistic value, ingredients, and even the price. Here are the types of carpets seen from the motifs and materials of the maker: Many refer to the types of Persian rugs that rely on ornamental decorations to enhance the appearance of the carpet. The feel of a classic motif carpet will provide a more elegant and luxurious image. In accordance with the development of modern tastes, more relies on the simplicity between the combination of lines and modern colors. Modern carpet motifs will provide more and more flexible choices in the theme of the nuances of the room designed. The types of carpet-making materials include; wool, silk, polypropylene, nylon, animal skin,

Speaking of carpet colors and motifs, it’s the same as talking about the color of the sofa and wall paint. Although it seems trivial, if it’s not right, it’s weird too. But once again the tastes of each person are different. If I give advice, A is not necessarily suitable. Especially if A tends to like minimalist decor. If indeed the decorator is clean, likes the concept of minimalism and matchy-matchy, like neutral colors, the use of matching carpet colors is definitely a solution. Although the room is quite crowded with a variety of decor, the carpet remains the main star. Note that in addition to the large carpet size so that it can frame the room look wider, the carpet above also has a stronger color and motif compared to other decorations. This is why this room, for me, has complex decor. Because even though it’s colorful, overall it looks “balanced”. Another thing that makes this room still pleasant to see is the consistency of using white painted walls. So there is no excessive hit of color.

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